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A Brooklyn architecture firm, nARCHITECTS, created an amazing bamboo pavilion in Taiwan. I found out about it from this article. While the structure is beautiful and has a powerful eco message, what struck me the most was the integral involvement of the Amis tribe with this work and the new legacy of building techniques they now have. 

From the article:

Apparently, the Amis got deeply invested in the project and took to calling it “Y lu duqai a luma”: Amis for “mountain home.” (“One in particular deserves mention,” Bunge says. “Mayo, an Amis leader, put his heart and soul into it.”) What’s more, they contributed their own clever technical solutions. “Instead of prefabricating some of the secondary arches as we had specified, once the vault shapes were roughly defined, they inserted bamboo poles onto the steel foundation pipes and bent them towards each other, joining them to create the required arc,” Bunge says.

The Amis have since asked if they can adopt the studio’s bamboo construction technique for their own architectural creations. So even if the pavilion doesn’t help dissuade the government from erecting a casino — and, as these things go, it probably won’t — at least the Amis got some cool new design ideas out of it.

Photo by:  Iwan Baan


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