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What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO for AEC
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Use on-page and off-page SEO together to get the best results. On-page elements determine what you rank for, off-page elements determine how you rank in the SERPs—you can’t choose between the two.

SEO for Architects, Interior Designers and Home Builders
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Your architecture firm’s website looks great, but that’s not enough for Google. All those pictures of past projects pack a visual punch, but they do little to persuade search engine algorithms to rank your site higher. Some search engine optimization (SEO) is probably in order. With so many architects’ websites coming up short, even a…

Architects! How to Get More Clients with Evergreen Content
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Why should you add evergreen content to your website? More traffic = more leads = more clients Simple equation right? So how do you attract more traffic to your website and in turn get more leads? One tactic to implement is called evergreen content. This type of content is SEO content that is always relevant…

Your Key to Getting Qualified Leads Online
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Analytics! You’ve probably heard or read a lot about the advantages of a lead generating website, the importance of blogging, the value of social media, the usefulness of email marketing, etc. You definitely are aware of these things if you visit my website, my blog, follow me on social media or get my (awesome!) e-newsletters…

My Story – My Architectural Past, Present and Future
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So, with all the discussion online about architects as storytellers and adding the architects’ voice to our society’s narrative, I thought I’d add my own story to the mix. As you know from my blurb on the hopeworksdesign about page, I used to be an architect. I guess I should be a bit more specific and…

Flash in the pan?
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A Plea to All Architects and Designers that Continue to use Flash Sites for their Business Website: Just Say No to Flash! Ha Ha Ha! Flash in the pan! Get it? Ok, ok, sorry I couldn’t help myself but no more bad puns. I’m sure you’re familiar with Flash, the web technology that allows the…

The Shelf-Pod is my dream house…maybe
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photo credit: © Shinichi Watanabe A house comprised of bookshelves! My dream come true. Well, the ‘Shelf-Pod’ isn’t actually a house but a study facility but it is comprised of bookshelves. Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio created a private study facility in Osaka, Japan to house the clients’ impressive collection of Islamic history books. They designed…

First Fridays at RAMSA
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Tonight is First Fridays – an event for The Architectural League of NY members -, Hopeworksdesign will be joining Robert A.M. Stern Architects at its office for drinks, informal conversation, and a behind the scenes look at recent and upcoming projects. RAMSA is a 250-person firm of architects, interior designers, and supporting staff with international…

PJHM Architects has a secret to share
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Check out PJHM Architects lovely holiday video! Great way to get into the spirit of things! And it looks like it was such fun to make.  ]]>

Why Architects Don’t Get Quality Leads Online
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“Online marketing doesn’t work for getting architecture clients.” “I think architects can’t get quality leads from a website.” “I get all my projects from word of mouth. My satisfied clients are my marketing.” “I had a website but it never got me any work.” I hear and have heard similar statements many many times from…

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