Architects! How to Get More Clients with Evergreen Content

Architects! How to Get More Clients with Evergreen Content 150 150 hopeworksdesign

Why should you add evergreen content to your website?

More traffic = more leads = more clients

Simple equation right? So how do you attract more traffic to your website and in turn get more leads?

One tactic to implement is called evergreen content. This type of content is SEO content that is always relevant and stays “fresh” for your visitors. Evergreen content has no expiration date and so, will retain its value over the long-term.

If you find it difficult to stay consistent with creating new marketing content; I highly recommend creating a few pieces of evergreen content for your website. You can set aside a block of time and create 3-4 pieces. Then you’ll have content that will continuously attract traffic to your website, even if you haven’t been updating your site in a while.

What is evergreen content?

  • anchor posts
  • case studies
  • checklists/guides
  • interviews
  • brand stories

What it is not:

  • firm news
  • industry stats
  • season or holiday-specific content
  • design trends
  • anything that will be obsolete information in 6 months

When creating content, always make sure to use your best keywords. In fact, the best thing to do is to take your best keywords and create content around them.

For example, if one of your keywords is “historic home remodel”, then you should create an anchor post, a case study, a checklist or guide, etc around that topic.

Need advice on what evergreen content you should create? Schedule a free 20 min consultation to get answers.

      • Hope Williams

        Hi Gideon, It’s not as daunting as it may seem. The first step is to figure out what your prospects would find valuable and create content on that topic. Since it’s something that will always be of value, it will keep attracting people to your website. A blog post, a checklist, a free guide, or a case study would work. And you don’t need fancy tools, just your own expertise and either Word, Google Docs, or your blogging platform to create the item.

        Thanks for your question, its a good one! I’ll write something more in depth on how to craft evergreen content for a future email newsletter or blog post.

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