Go BIG or go home

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BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) won the ski resort competition in Lapland. It looks amazing! You can ski off the roof! 

ski resort view

“BIG proposes to create a series of buildings that radiate out from a central square and whose ends touch the ground to create four freestanding buildings that each provide access to the roof and allow the skiers to descend from the resort’s rooftop downhill in any direction.” 

BIG model ski resort

They really sited the complex well and thoughtfully designed with priority given to skiers and pedestrians in mind. In the domus article, the BIG team talks about the connectivity of the whole resort. All areas of the resort (ski roof, rooftop restaurant, courtyard, etc.) are connected by a network of paths. They also wanted to integrate the building(s) and the experience of the resort with the surrounding nature, a “living part of the landscape”. Gotta love responsive and adaptive architecture! Let’s see if it works as well in reality as it does theoretically. 

ski resort courtyard

Congrats to BIG on the win!

all photos are BIG copyright.


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