What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO for AEC

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO for AEC 150 150 hopeworksdesign

on page seo vs off page seo for aec

On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO for AEC Firms: Different, But Complementary

Any business that uses digital marketing is no stranger to the ramifications of Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates. That’s because, with every new update, SEO seems to become more and more complex.

A few years back, SEO was all about keyword stuffing and getting as many links to your pages. Now it’s different, and there are two main “baskets” search engines look at when assessing your website for indexing: on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Each type has its own elements to consider. For maximum exposure on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and for higher rankings, professionals and businesses must understand the difference between the two, as well as understand how best to utilize them.

What is On-Page SEO for AEC?

On-page SEO is the SEO you do on your actual website, page, or blog. It involves optimizing different parts of your page that affect your rankings. It’s the stuff that you have control over, and it ensures that both potential customers and search engine robots can read your website.

With on-page SEO, search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can easily determine what your page is about, navigate its structure, index it, and rank it accordingly.

This branch of SEO falls into two main categories: basic on-page SEO and in-depth on-page SEO. The former looks at the prominence and frequency of certain keywords and phrases in various areas of your website, such as the URL, title, headline, copy, image alt tag, and metadata. The latter, on the other hand, makes sure that your URL structure is right, and that you don’t have broken links and overly heavy images.

What is Off-Page SEO for AEC?

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page deals with elements that are not on your website, and depends on another web page to improve your own site. If you obtain a high-quality link using off-page SEO techniques, your website can rank higher; quality link building increases your position on the SERPs and increases the traffic to your website.

The goal here is to increase your visibility, so people in your online circle share and refer to your page.

Managing your off-page is typically a larger task. That’s because you must try to affect the whole world of search—not just your corner of it. In addition, it’s an ongoing process that regularly requires new links.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO: They Go Hand in Hand

Use on-page and off-page SEO together to get the best results. On-page elements determine what you rank for, off-page elements determine how you rank in the SERPs—you can’t choose between the two.

It’s important to know which one to prioritize. Start with the foundation first, and in this case, that’s on-page SEO. Then you move on to your off-page SEO.

Start by optimizing your on-page content. Once you’re all set with your on-page optimization, start promoting your website with off-page tactics; reach out to your community, promote your pages across social networks, and share your ideas.


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