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Your architecture firm’s website looks great, but that’s not enough for Google. All those pictures of past projects pack a visual punch, but they do little to persuade search engine algorithms to rank your site higher.

Some search engine optimization (SEO) is probably in order. With so many architects’ websites coming up short, even a bit of improvement can produce many more visits, leads, and conversions for yours.

Simple, Proven SEO Tactics Yield More Traffic for Architects and Others

SEO for architects is fairly simple conceptually. Online marketing strategies for architects that are capable of producing impressive results are often some of the most straightforward and accessible of all. The following are all useful Internet marketing tips for custom home builders and interior designers, too.

1) Add More Text

SEO for Architects tip 1: use text to tell your company story

As an architect, you understandably love to let pictures of your work do the talking. However, the automated crawlers and algorithms Google uses are tuned to handle text. Having plenty of high-quality, text-based content to complement images also improves the odds that others will link to your pages or share them on social media. All of these facts combine to make adding more text one of the most useful SEO tips for architecture websites. In fact, this holds true for design professionals and contractors too.

2) Pay Attention to Metadata and Tagging

SEO for Architects tip 2: optimize your meta data for each page

The HTML that web browsers parse to display finished pages contains a lot of hidden information. Metadata and tags that describe page content are often missing entirely from the websites of architects, designers, and home builders. Make sure they’re in place and accurate to allow search engines to make the most sense of your site.

3) Optimize All Those Pretty Pictures

SEO for Architects tip 3: optimize your project images

Many modern web pages weigh in at a dozen megabytes or more. Images are most likely to contribute to bloat but can easily be converted to consume less space. That simple step can improve search engine performance drastically.

4) Develop Helpful Internal Links

SEO for Architects tip 4: Use internal links

Internal links that point from one part of a site to another are more important than many realize. In addition to creating a natural structure that helps visitors navigate, they teach search engines on how to weight the various parts of a website.

5) Speed Up Page Loads

SEO for Architects tip 5: Speed up page loads

Smaller images can help pages load more quickly, but there are other ways of achieving the same results. Even a bit of invisible JavaScript “minification” or CSS compression can make for improved user experience and higher search engine rankings.

6) Build Backlinks to Rank Higher

SEO for Architects tip 6: Build backlinks

When the Google search engine burst onto the scene in 1998, its major innovation was using links from elsewhere to assess the quality of websites. Persuading others to link to your site is still a cornerstone of SEO for architects and others. This is an example of “off-site” SEO, with all the preceding tips focusing on “on-site” tactics.

7) Update, Update, Update

SEO for Architects tip 7: Update site content regularly

Every fresh piece of content is a chance to attract attention on social media along with more visitors and links. Update regularly and Google will notice, too. However, don’t update your site just to have new content. Quality is key. It’s better to have a long quality article added to your website once a quarter than short low-quality posts added every week. Your regular updates should be worthwhile for your visitors and not simply a bid for higher rankings in search results.

8) Keep Up with SEO

SEO for Architects tip 8: Stay consistent to win new work and clients

It used to be possible to produce spectacular SEO results overnight, but that is no longer the case. Sticking with SEO over the long term, though, can still be one of the most productive investments of all. Consistently ranking higher in search engines will bring you consistent traffic to your website. This means more prospects and opportunities to convert leads into clients. SEO for architects isn’t a magic bullet; it takes time and effort. And it’s just a part of a successful online marketing plan. However, a well-optimized site will continually bring traffic and leads to you instead of the other way around. Wouldn’t you like to have your phone ring and your inbox full of qualified inquiries without having to chase after them?


Preserve Those Visuals While Generating More Traffic with SEO for Architects

It can be difficult to contemplate disrupting an attractive, image-rich page with text. Online marketing for interior designers, home builders, and architects, though, often benefits from exactly such additions. Done right, adding enough compelling text to an architect’s or designer’s website can produce far more traffic and leads without diminishing sleek visuals.



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