The Shelf-Pod is my dream house…maybe

The Shelf-Pod is my dream house…maybe 150 150 hopeworksdesign


photo credit: © Shinichi Watanabe

A house comprised of bookshelves! My dream come true. Well, the ‘Shelf-Pod’ isn’t actually a house but a study facility but it is comprised of bookshelves. Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio created a private study facility in Osaka, Japan to house the clients’ impressive collection of Islamic history books. They designed a lattice structure from laminated pine board that became the bookshelves. The scale of the shelves became the design basis for all the other architectural elements in the space.

I have a predilection for structures that showcase bookshelves as the main design element or the basis of the design concept. Most likely because I always wanted to live in a library or bookstore. In my architecture school days, I found many ways to incorporate bookshelves into my projects. One of these days, I’ll realize my dream but until then, I’ll gaze longing at images of buildings like the Shelf-Pod and beautifully designed home libraries. 

Check out more images of the Shelf-Pod over at

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