Your Key to Getting Qualified Leads Online

Your Key to Getting Qualified Leads Online 150 150 hopeworksdesign


You’ve probably heard or read a lot about the advantages of a lead generating website, the importance of blogging, the value of social media, the usefulness of email marketing, etc. You definitely are aware of these things if you visit my website, my blog, follow me on social media or get my (awesome!) e-newsletters in your inbox each month. But, you wanna know a secret? This is a very very very important secret of successful online marketing systems: analytics. Yep, analytics is the key to doing things right on the web.

Why is analytics so important? Without being able to track and measure your efforts, your marketing strategy will be mostly hit or miss. A scattershot ‘strategy’ is no strategy at all. Or at least a pretty bad one. With analytics you can get the details of your firms’ online marketing performance and make adjustments accordingly.

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Nowadays, there are analytic features for almost all online tools or apps online. The most important of these is Google Analytics. Its the most popular analytic tool and its very powerful (and free!). I’m hoping Google Analytics is old news for you because you’ve already got it installed on your website. If you don’t, get it now!

Now that you’ve got it installed, what do you do with it? Many AEC firms don’t really take advantage of the information Google Analytics puts at their fingertips. It has been my experience that while, AEC firms know its important to have, they’re not sure what they’re supposed to do with it.

Are you in the same boat? I’ll give you some tips on how to begin harnessing the power of analytics for your AEC firm’s online marketing. Keep in mind that you don’t need Google Analytics specifically, as there are many other analytic tools that are also free and provide you with good tracking and measuring. I personally use Google Analytics as well as CloudFlare and ClickDensity. Any good analytics tool will share similar features with these, so don’t worry if you’ve decided to use a different tool.

Here are some things you will learn from analytics data:

  • The amount of visitors to your site (by day/week/month/year);
  • What site pages are most popular and least popular;
  • If your marketing efforts bring increased web traffic;
  • What keywords are bringing people to your site;
  • Who’s linking to your site;
  • Where your site traffic comes from (mobile, social media, etc);
  • The amount of time visitors spend on your site;
  • How well your SEO efforts are working;
  • What items/resources visitors are downloading from your site and how many of them are doing it;
  • Track what visitors do on your site (filling out forms, downloading items, etc);
  • Determine optimal placement for call-to-action items to get the most people following through on the desired action;

The Short Story

As you can see, analytics gives you access to critical information for your online marketing efforts. Whatever your goals are, you can use analytics information to create strategies to reach them. The caveat is that if you aren’t regularly looking at this data and taking action on what you discover, you’re missing out on very valuable insights that are critical for a lead-generating website.

So, take a look at your analytics and set some goals to test your website and online marketing performance. Make a point to monitor frequently and consistently. A quick overview once a week and a more detailed analysis once a month should suffice for most AEC websites.

If you need some advice on how to get started or how to improve your firms’ online marketing, contact me for a free 20 minute review. After the review of your website, social media presence, and overall online strategy, you’ll receive several action items that you can use immediately to improve your online marketing system so your firm can meets its marketing goals.


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